Meet the Blog

Hi there. Some of you may know this blog from its previous incarnation, “To Tame The Wild Beastie.”

I began that blog on October 12, 2004, as I prepared my home and my heart to raise puppies for Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar, CA. You may have followed my often-merry, sometimes-scary, always-hairy adventures with puppysitting other people’s pups, and then with my Lomax, and with my Truman (and that stuff’s all here in the archives barkives, if you wanna go look). When Truman “career changed” for medical reasons in August of 2008, and I got engaged that following October 12 (apparently a good date for me!), I opted to take a break from puppy raising while I adjusted to life with a full-time dog and a husband-to-be. The poor little blog was pretty much asleep for almost two years; apparently, time flies when you’re adjusting. We got married, we got settled, we started to puppysit for some friends.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that I’m often inclined — or at least tempted — to write about non-puppy-related aspects of my life as well. Life is in flux right now (which is good…because the alternative is being dead, right?), and there are many adventures ahead of us, God willing, whether or not we’re raising a guide dog puppy. So I changed the name and moved the blog.

Regardless, I assure you that no matter what else is going on around here, if I have any say in the matter, there will always be at least one Labrador involved…and it only takes one to make a rodeo.

Welcome, and thanks for reading.