The Dog Blog Begins

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Jenny, and I’m a volunteer puppy raiser for a terrific organization called Guide Dogs of America, which is located here in Southern California.

I have been involved with GDA since the spring of 2003. My employment situation at that time was such that I could not raise a puppy for the full 18-month commitment, so I have simply been a regular attender of group meetings and events, and an occasional “relief sitter” for other puppy raisers.

But patience and perseverance do triumph. My new bosses are very supportive and excited about their new “employee,” and I am now officially on the waiting list to receive the puppy who will accompany me to the office and (hopefully?) learn to behave like a gentleman in public. I intend to chronicle the joys and frustrations of the entire process here…dog farts and all. While I am still waiting for the arrival of my official charge, I’ll share with you a few of my puppysitting experiences and other relevant concerns.

Whether you’re a regular reader, an avid commenter, or just passing through, I hope you enjoy your time here. Bookmark me if you’d like to keep track of my journey with the four-legged beasties who will hopefully someday become guide dogs — beloved companions to and instruments of greater independence for people with visual impairment.

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