Puppy’s First Snow Shuffle

The first snowfall of the year is always…well, I have no idea how it is always, because I’m from California. And last winter (my first in Pennsylvania), I was out of town for both weekends that it snowed here, so what do I know?

But we got the first snowfall of the year today, and I thought a little snow shuffle on the back deck (our only enclosed outdoor area, sadly) would be just the thing to tire out the energetic nine-week-old dog and the nutburgers big dog.

They had a great time. Sonny wasn’t apprehensive in the slightest, and Truman — who spins when he’s excited and needs to blow off some steam — did no fewer than eight consecutive donuts in an amazing display of some physics principle that eludes me at this time.

This is the point at which someone nags me about not getting any video, followed by the point at which I ask that person how many times they’ve single-handedly attempted to exercise a cyclone dog and a breakable dog in a small, slick, snow-covered space while it was still snowing, and then bring them both inside for a complete towel-dry on a small floor mat, while the puppy (who is not yet used to such things) goes all Tasmanian Devil on both the towel and the hands attempting to dry him.

And my plan worked! I’m exhausted! Oh, wait….

2 responses to “Puppy’s First Snow Shuffle

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    ROFL! Sadly, for Abby, she loves snow, but luckily for me, snow isn’t common here in Chucktown.

  2. You and Abby are welcome to visit us anytime! 😉

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