Liam the Magnificent and Other Smart Boys

Watched this dog for a quick overnight stay when he was a mere 12 weeks old, and was astounded at his grasp of the verbal command “No.” Seriously, he would gently sniff some unauthorized item, I would simply tell him “NO,” and he would never go near it again.

He is seven months old now. Liam, who perhaps should have been named Linus, enjoys dragging his blue baby blanket around the apartment, while wiggling and grunting and wagging his tail. He’s the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. Even at six in the morning, when he awakens me with gentle whining and the BANG-BANG-BANG of his tail against the wire kennel, it’s adorable.

And what excellent social skills! Liam wasn’t even embarrassed at church this morning when the pastor’s four-year-old son pointed to his furry private parts and enthusiastically announced to everyone that Liam is a boy.

Connor (giggling wildly): “HE HAS A PE–“
Jenny: “Pee! That’s right, time to take Liam out to pee! Connor’s a smart boy.”

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