Our First GDA Event

Lomax and I helped man (woman? dog?) the South Bay Puppy Raisers booth at the annual Walk For the Animals in Long Beach last Sunday, which means we’ve now officially attended our first GDA event together. It was fun hanging out with some of the South Bay regulars, and brother Liam was there, which made it even better (pics to come). The two of them carved a canine crop circle in the grass and sniffed mutual dog butt like there was no tomorrow (“Hey! I know you! I know you! I know you!”).

Then there was a little blessing of the animals, which required our standing in the midst of a huge mass of people and pets — Lomax wasn’t sure what to make of the free-range tortoise — and straining to hear various remarks and benedictions and whatnot over the barking/growling/whining/”NO!”-ing crowd. “Blah blah blah ecumenical blah noncommittal notion of a higher being blah blah blah don’t we all love the little creatures blah blah all dogs go to heaven blah St. Francis blah blah.”

Then we stood in line in front of our blessing-giver of choice (we found ourselves a charming Catholic priest with a very short line), who addressed Lomax by name, proffered a quick “Father-Son-Holy Spirit,” sprinkled the little man with holy water and “God Bless”ed us on our merry way.

Perhaps the loveliest part of the day, though (because as a regular churchgoer, Lomax is quite accustomed to being blessed), was the post-event hangout in the nearby back yard of Ann, another puppy raiser. Seven Labs off leash, all very happy to see each other.

He slept very well that night.

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