Collateral Damage

My black tights, which I am wearing today because it’s raining and I’m in a skirt, do not enjoy the velcro strap from Lomax’s puppy jacket, which made ferocious contact as I was hurriedly removing said puppy jacket so said little dog could pee quickly so we could get out of the rain. No good, I say. No good.

4 responses to “Collateral Damage

  1. Had a good chuckle over this post. Have to love the silly stories we can share, eh?

  2. Been there, done that, got the snags. And black!? With a yellow dog? Done that too. At least my furniture matches the dog. But I will wear black.

  3. gwiz — Yes, the silliness of it all…snagged-up tights are no big deal compared to a smart and lovable dog, I must say.Y’know, Julia — I initially said on my puppy raiser application that I would like a black Lab (I don’t care what anyone says, they shed less than the yellows), but when I got the offer to take Lomax, I didn’t care what he was as long as I could call him my own. As it turns out, yellow Lab hair matches my apartment, if not my wardrobe….

  4. When I got Uma 14 years ago, I had a yellow Mustang with a beige interior! When I junked that car after 300,000km, I swear it was held together with yellow Lab hair, although it blended in beautifully.

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