Backyard Buddies

Lomax and I went over to Trooper’s this afternoon so his puppy raiser Madeline could attend a function dog-free. While the boys are members of the same puppy group as well as classmates in Tuesday night obedience, we hadn’t yet been over for a playdate; I was unsure what to expect, because even though Lomax is an appropriately submissive dog, it’s Trooper’s turf and he can be a little pushy. But I had nothing to worry about. Taking advantage of the fact that Madeline has an actual house with an actual yard, the handsome boys of boundless energy spent a hefty chunk of time in boisterous run/tug/tussle/fetch/snort mode, with nary a sign of aggression.

I was very pleased with Lomax’s attentiveness! I asked him to “drop” his end of the toy several times in mid-tug, and he was very good about that (unlike “Lockjaw” Trooper, who surrenders what’s in his mouth to NO man). He was also quite willing to come to me when I called, even in the heat of battle…er, playtime. His fine efforts were met, as always, with heaps of praise and kisses and ear- and bellyrubs.

Lomax has also been more affectionate with me recently. It’s not that he was standoffish or shy before — or that I didn’t try to encourage affection — it’s more that he was acting like a proper English gentleman: polite and dignified, not overly emotionally demonstrative and kissy, and respectful of a lady’s boundaries. (This is how Amy and I came to refer to him as “Lord Lomax.”) I think, though, that he and I are continuing to bond as time goes on. He’s more likely to cuddle up next to me on the floor unbidden now, more likely to be an enthusiastic ear-licker if I’m within range. And I think I may retract my assessment that brother Liam is the “happiest dog I’ve ever met,” because my sweet Lomax is an absolute joy machine with smiles and wags and wiggles for all.

3 responses to “Backyard Buddies

  1. I adore your photos! Those “happy ears” on both Labs are wonderful. And then with Trooper sitting right on the “welcome” mat and both dogs smiling up? A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks.

  2. The last picture of the boys is perfect. It captures the pure joy of dogs. They look like they could have their heads out car windows in that shot.

  3. Jenny, I think you could turn this into a series of books: The Adventures of Wiggles and Lockjaw.

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