It Is Awards Season, After All

I always knew Lomax was a superstar! To Tame the Wild Beastie has been chosen as Dogmark’s “Cool Dog Site of the Day.”

We’d like to thank the fine people at Dogmark for selecting us, as well as Julia and Rockwell for cluing us in on the existence of the award, and of course, our favorite roommate Amy for nominating us.

We would also like to thank every one of our visitors. It’s a pleasure to share Lomax’s training with you.

As to whether fame will change us, I am satisfied with posting this humble award graphic on the site and giving him an extra chicken snap or two, but Lomax thinks he should start looking for representation while he’s still buzzworthy.

4 responses to “It Is Awards Season, After All

  1. Congratulations! Well deserved.

  2. Nicely done! Please don’t forget about all of us who knew you before you were famous…

  3. Congratulations!Sam and Calvin

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