Happy 1.5 Year Birthday!

Lomax (and all his littermates, of course, including sister Kandy and brother Liam) will turn 18 months old today!

Last Saturday I took him to Liam’s house for a brother photo-op as well as to meet Voight, a working GDA guide whose partner is on vacation for a few days in a dog-inconvenient locale. Voight’s staying with Liam and his puppy raisers; they raised Voight, too. I remember when Voight was just a pup…I had just started coming to GDA meetings. And now he’s a grown up guide dog! We’re all very proud of him.

He looks great in his harness, as though the mantle of maturity and experience has settled upon him. The L Brothers want to be just like him when they grow up.

Here’s the serious “GQ” shot, with everybody looking handsome:

And here’s the personality shot:

6 responses to “Happy 1.5 Year Birthday!

  1. Many happy returns of the day, Lomax and siblings!

  2. Happy Birthday Lomax, Liam, Kandy and the rest of the litter!!I love how Lomax kinda still looks like he’s grinning a bit in his GQ picture 😀

  3. Thanks, Calvin! Lomax got to see his friends and strut his stuff at obedience class tonight, and now he’s chewing on his favorite Nylabone ring. It was a good day.And Nat…yes. He’s so happy all the time that even when he’s “serious,” he just can’t hold it in!

  4. Hey Lomax,Happy B-Day to you, Kandy and Lomax. I think the first photo should be on the cover of DQ and I don’t mean Dairy Queen. WOW!Bark ‘Ruff’ to your human.Woof!Freda

  5. I love the contrast between the two pix. I wonder how you got them all to keep their mouths shut in the GQ pic? The second one just made me smile and smile.

  6. Thanks for the well-wishing, everyone!Julia, you have no idea how many pics I took of the boys. I think that was the ONLY one where Lomax didn’t have his tongue flapping in the breeze, even when the other two looked stoic.Smiliest. Dog. Ever.

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