Sticky Bones

Though we’re long overdue for blogging about it, Lomax and I took a trip last month to the Page Museum at La Brea Tar Pits for my friend James’ birthday.

About three million fossils of extinct Pleistocene ice age plants and mammals have been excavated from the tar pits since the early 20th century. Natural asphalt still bubbles up to the surface, so you have to watch where you step around the park grounds, especially on a warm day, or your shoes end up a mess. I have no idea what one might use to clean tar off little paws, so we were extra vigilant.

The place wasn’t too crowded, and Lomax did fairly well…at least until he spotted people walking other dogs in the park. Dog distraction is still our biggest challenge, though nowadays unless the dog comes right up to him, it’s easier to get his attention back. Regardless, he was calm and collected during the educational film, and he didn’t seem at all bothered by the ancient bones of hulking mammoths and the like (you just never know what’s going to freak a dog out).

The above photo shows my little man posing in front of an “antique bison.” What you don’t know is that it was a whole bison…until Lomax terminated it. Click on the photo if you don’t believe me! I’ve told him he should be careful about showing his crazy sci-fi eyeballs in public, but whaddayagonna do.

5 responses to “Sticky Bones

  1. Lomax, that’s a very attratcive eye you’ve got there! Glad you had fun on the trip!Nat and Petey

  2. All the better to scan you with, my dear!I wish all of you Canadian puppy folks could take a field trip out here to L.A.! I’m taking Lomax to Disneyland in a few weeks with his brother Liam, and I just know that Petey and Rockwell and Calvin and all of our other dog blogging pals would look adorable in mouse ears.

  3. Petey’s going on an Easter parade next Sunday so I will take a picture of him in his bunny ears just for you to trade with one of Lomax in mouse ears!I would love to go to L.A., and then after you and Lomax and Liam could come back to Toronto/Ottawa with us! :DNat and Petey

  4. Calvin’s got one up on both of you! My mom and sister went to Disneyworld a few weeks ago, and brought back a set of mickey mouse easter bunny ears for the dogs. That’s right…mouse and bunny ears all in one!We’ll be sure to get a picture next week.Sam, Calvin, and Patience

  5. Rockwell doesn’t even like a scarf so I can’t see him in mouse ears. I totally get the dog distraction – got THAT tshirt.And you are SO right – you never know what’s going to freak out a dog! Our last freak-out was over a sandwich type sign beside the sidewalk near a mall. But giant trucks can rumble right by him.

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