Gimme Five

7 responses to “Gimme Five

  1. Or, as Lone Star said to Barf, “Gimme paw, AWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOO!”

  2. Aww, soo cute!! 🙂 — Joanna

  3. What a wonderful closeup! Good eye, Jenny.

  4. Thanks, Peter! Getting a good photo of him can be a battle and a half — half the battle is framing something right, half the battle is holding the very sensitive camera still enough, and the OTHER half is getting Senor Wigglebuns to remain in one place for long enough.If you are, indeed, Peter of “Julia & Peter” — official photographer of another adorable little yellow dog — then I am even more thrilled to receive the compliment!

  5. Since I don’t know if he’ll be back here in the comments (unlike obsessive me), yep – that was my Peter. He took that last one of Rockwell, in the corkscrew pose with the beautiful lighting. I gave him credit on Flickr but not on the blog.”Senor Wigglebuns” indeed.

  6. Thanks for the confirmation, Julia — you may tell your resident photog extraordinaire that I greatly appreciate his praise. Still learning the ins & outs of my digital camera….

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