He’d Make a Lousy Dalmatian

Unless he’s exhausted from a weekend at the kennel, or physically in another geographic location, Lomax is at my heels every waking moment. Whether he’s walking, running, pacing, circling, playing, sitting, lying down, wiggling, wagging, rolling, leaning, snorting, whatever — I look down, he’s right there. Rarely, if ever, more than a couple of feet away.

Until I turn on the stove and get out the pots and pans, that is. See, he’s got this thing about smoke. And it doesn’t matter what I’m cooking (you’d think bacon might convince him, right?), he deems the immediate area too dangerous and finds his new “happy place” in the hallway.

Notice he still wants to know where I am, and what I’m doing. He’s ever-vigilant in that way. And I’m convinced that if an actual fire were to start right there in the kitchen, effectively preventing me from making an unassisted escape, Lomax would be the first one to call 9-1-1 from a neighbor’s house.

4 responses to “He’d Make a Lousy Dalmatian

  1. lucky you I wish I could keep Kamra out of the kitchen when I in there cooking. Had to stop her really fast when I opened the hot oven and she wanted to attach her noise to the door like she does every thing else. – Denise

  2. Yikes! Denise, I keep Lomax out of the kitchen *period* — mainly because it’s so small (two people=too many, two people+dog=madness) and I’d just rather not find dog hair in my salad. But I hadn’t even thought about the oven; your story made my hair stand on end! I’m assuming your next step was oven-aversion therapy…=)….Unless Kamra eats/drinks in the kitchen, or has to pass through there on her way somewhere else, it might be worth teaching her a new boundary. Her blind companion can always make a new house rule if he or she doesn’t mind a furry sous-chef.

  3. she knows “out of the kitchen” and sits at the edge of the carpet and tile. But I really think that was the frist time she has ever seen the oven door open! I do not cook that much with the oven [stove, BBQ, Microwave, toster/oven.] and your right the kitchen is to small for a furry sous-chef.-Denise

  4. Rockwell has tried to investigate the opened HOT door of the oven on occasion but I have seen it coming so prevented who knows what disaster. But I wonder that he doesn’t feel how hot it is before he gets there and stop on his own for fear of the intense heat? He gets awfully close to the fireplace too.

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