"Evil Jenny" Emerges

Lomax and I were crossing a very busy Wilshire Boulevard intersection during lunchtime today (we had the “walk” signal) when a guy in a gigantic SUV made a right turn directly in front of us. He was going way too fast, for one thing. He had been looking, and knew exactly what he was doing. Looked right at us and stuck his hand out the window in a kind of wave, a signal of thanks that we were letting him go as well as a signal that he was going whether or not we were letting him.

Judging his distance to be just far enough away, I didn’t react physically — kept face-forward but pretended not to see him, and kept my pace, which was moderate and measured. A split-second of terror flashed across his countenance, which I confess delighted me.

Sometimes people think I’m blind when I’m wearing my black sunglasses, and walking Lomax in his GDA service jacket.



4 responses to “"Evil Jenny" Emerges

  1. Woohoo, way to go Jenny- that was awesome! Hope he is more considerate of people in the future.

  2. The sad thing is that he probably won’t be.

  3. Wow to Lomax. I try to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong but MOM won’t let me. Heck, she doesn’t even like me to snuffle in the grass because there might be “bugs in there, Mary-Margaret!”.I was reading your blog info and am really impressed. I’m way to small to be a guide dog, but I do have a friend named Gleason from Oregon who is. I talk about him on my blog. Just look for the entry about “Gleason the Doctor Dog”.I’m so glad to meet you. For a while there I thought I was the only pup who blogged, but I’m meeting more and more of us these days. Isn’t it fun?Your Mom and my Mom sure are nice to us to let us dictate stuff to them.Love, Mary-Margaret O’Brien

  4. That exact thing happened when Sheila was walking Rockwell last time she came by. He was in his jacket and we had the walk signal and a school bus driven by someone with an obvious sense of entitlement made a right turn around the corner, right across her path, forcing her to stop for fear of being hit. The bus driver had timed it so he knew he could make it if he went wide but really. I don’t carry a walking stick but sometimes I wonder, if I did, would I be tempted to bash the fender of the offending vehicle as it went by? Probably not. But it gives me a warm feeling to think about it. 🙂

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