Our Last Puppy Group Meeting

It’s our final month together. The “lasts” have begun. Tonight was my final puppy raiser group meeting with Mr. Lomax.

The evening began, as always, with obedience; this time it was a nice training walk through the neighborhood to practice our “heel” position and some common suburban distractions (strange lawn decorations, little boys on bikes, wandering cats, barking beasties, etc.).

Once we had returned and gathered inside the meeting room, our group leaders called up everyone present who will be turning in their dogs on August 5: pictured are Laura and Katie (with Nevada), Amy and Matt (with Liam), and me (with Lomax). We all said a few words about what raising this puppy has meant to us…Nancy didn’t spring this on us until that very moment, so I was unprepared.

What I should have said is that Lomax is my little man, I’m going to miss him terribly, I’m very proud of him, and that despite my more than 2-and-a-half years as a “future” puppy raiser waiting for a dog, I could not have timed things more perfectly. Lomax and I were meant to be together, even if we got a late start.

I did at least manage to work in the fact that I’m gonna need to do some puppysitting very soon after turn-in! And I’ve already had offers….

Then, according to tradition, each dog received a congratulatory rawhide bone, and each puppy raising family received a bottle of wine. In case you can’t read it in the photo, here’s what the custom printed label says:

“Turn-In Tonic: Just a little something to help you get through the inevitable! Good Luck and Best Wishes from The South Bay Puppy Raisers!”

And the quote at the top, from a GDA employee and her guide dog, says:

“Whatever happens, you have given the gift!”

Crap. I’m crying already.

7 responses to “Our Last Puppy Group Meeting

  1. Hi jenny,I am glad that there are people around like you who can do “puppy raising” – I sure as heck couldn’t ! I can only imagine how hard it will be to hand over Lomax when the time comes – he will go on to help someone who needs him though, and that is a great thing ! I hope you keep blogging – we all enjoy reading your adventures !Love,Brooke (Opy’s mum)

  2. Wow, Jenny! You have me close to tears with this post! I’m gonna miss him too… it’ll be different for me, knowing he’ll be in-for-training and I can’t see him at GDA functions. Last puppy meetings are the worst.. 😦

  3. Great job, Jenny. Thanks for being a part of Lomax’s training. Guide dogs are a wonderful gift to others in our society. Well done.

  4. *sob*do lots of fun stuff with mr. lomax, and give him extra hugs from us. we’re so proud of the wild beastie and wish him the best of luck as he goes on to formal training =)

  5. Thanks, you guys. Everyone’s been so supportive!

  6. Awwww now I’m nearly crying =( lolJenny, you did a great job raising Lomax, and we send both of you lots and lots of hugs and puppy kisses.Good luck Mr. Lomax! You’re an awesome dog and we know you’ll be a super student in school! It was great “knowing” you! =)Love,Nat and Petey

  7. Wait! Wait! We’re not done yet!! =^)Just preparing for the inevitable…I’ll be sure to blog about the next three weeks, and about “turn-in day” in August 5th. Meanwhile, the Moof and I still have some adventures left in us. Stay tuned!

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