Little Bro Chandler

Today, Lomax and I finally got to meet Chandler! And though he’s not a littermate by birth, Lomax has decided that since Joanna was his first puppy raiser — and since Chandler is such a fun playmate — he should officially be a member of our pack.

Lomax welcomed our guests with his typical enthusiasm, and Joanna and I spent a good hour or so letting the lads get acquainted before taking a leisurely lunch at Chipotle. Some of us were more leisurely than others:

But I suppose if I were allowed to stretch out on the cool stone floor under the table, I’d be napping too.

We of course made a stop for ice cream, where we encountered a…colorful…woman who, by the end of our reluctant conversation, had three strikes against her:

1.) she pulled up a chair and invited herself to join us, also inviting herself to pet the dogs without asking

2.) she thought I was Joanna’s mother, which — though flattering in that Joanna is smart and pretty and talented — was either a horrifying commentary on how I looked today or simply a presumptuous take on the kind of person I was at age fifteen, and

3.) she gleefully stated that she has a fake service dog jacket for her own pet dog so she can take it out in public.

I know. It makes me mad, too. Such people and their ill-behaved, I-can-eat-french-fries-off-the-table-because-I’m-wearing-a-pretty-vest FOOFYmonsters are the reason legitimate service dogs in training get hassled all the time. The only reason I didn’t ream her is that we are, especially with our dogs in jacket, representatives of GDA. Grrrrr.

Anyway, after that we headed back for more playtime in the air-conditioned apartment, where Chandler was bold and Lomax was tolerant. Tiny teeth met with face, and leg, and tail, but the boys played together well for the most part, until energy levels got out of hand and they both had to calm down.

Here, for your enjoyment, are the mighty snake killers at work:

It was a fun afternoon, and Lomax is fairly wiped out this evening from all the restraint he had to show! Thank you, Joanna, for bringing Chandler out today and hanging with me and the little man…I’m almost certain I noticed Lomax imparting some snorts of doggy wisdom in his ear when they were tussling.

10 responses to “Little Bro Chandler

  1. Sounds like you guys had waaayyy too much fun! I can’t believe how Lomaxy Man has grown up. Don’t feel bad about being Joanna’s mom…yesterday I was out with my 19-month-old nephew and I (the 17 year old) was told by FOUR different people things to the effect of “Your son is so precious!” Granted, the kid is adorable, and a freaking genius (can count up to 12 without any help and knows all of his letters and sounds) so, like you, I guess I could’ve taken it as a compliment…but no thank you for a LOT of years :-DAlisa (currently housesitting for 2 CC’d GDA dogs, Tawney and Cricket)

  2. Yay for cute pictures!! Boo for scary ladies!! Yesterday was SO much fun. Chandler slept the entire way home, then had a loads of energy. At about 9:30, I was fading fast, and he was being a brat. I decided he needed a nap. Yep, I can tell when he is being a brat ’cause he’s tired. I took him to his room and he raced to his kennel, letting me sleep until 9:30. Twelve hours of sleep for the little man?! I’m not complaining. 🙂

  3. That lady shounds like a jerk. Kill her!(not really)

  4. First I have to say the fake jacket for the dog is funny. I would love to have one for my welsh terrier. Not really, it is kind of like parking in a handicap spot when you are not handicap. Second, that tiny dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  5. i love your blog. do your puppies really leave you when they get older? i don’t want to be a service dog if i have to leave my mom. my mom yelled at a walmart lady one time because we had to go in there but stayed where the lawn stuff was. i was sitting in the cart and behaving!!! people are rude.-*woof*

  6. That lady was soo mean.. I would have been able to keep my cool like you did. I almost puked when I found out about a lady that does the same thing near where I live.. that’s just sick.Looks like the “brothers” had fun! It’s okay to call them brothers all my foster puppies aren’t related but I still call them eachother’s sister and brothers.Good post!

  7. way to goooo!!He looks like you are going to have lots lof fun and training ..lots of treats . licks !!

  8. People who bring their pets dogs in public places make me mad! It just ruins it for the legit service dogs who really do need to accompany their owner inside. Grrr… I can’t tell you how many times WalMart has tried to kick my Guide Dog in Training out because they had a pet dog in earlier in the day that the owner yelled at the greeter that they could be there… sheesh- people…

  9. Thanks for all your comments, guys…sorry I haven’t been very responsive! Been a busy week. One week until turn-in…:(….

  10. I have not encountered any cheaters like the woman you described. I’d better rehearse something pithy to say, now that I know they are out there. (And I do mean “out there”.)

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