The Countdown Begins

It’s official: we’ve entered The Final Week.

I’m feeling pretty good right now. Sure, I’m sad, but I have to keep things in perspective. It’s actually kind of a win-win for me and Lomax — either he’ll graduate and go on to be an amazing guide dog for someone who needs him very much, or he’ll “career change” and be adopted by a family I know that loves him very much. I have to stay focused on this while we go through all of our “lasts.”

Today was Lomax’s last day at my church, and it was our day to do the greeting and hand out the bulletins as people arrived. I had Lomax dress up for the occasion, of course. Here’s my handsome little man with his favorite church friend, Kim:

We all had lunch after the service, in honor of my pastor’s birthday. Lomax was wiped out from a busy Saturday visiting friends, so he slept soundly while the rest of us chowed. Here he is, looking a bit like Jerry Lewis after the Labor Day Telethon:

After all his buddies at church scratched Lomax’s ears and offered words of encouragement for his future, we went with a couple of friends for a walk along the Venice canals.

“Ready? On the count of three: One…*CLICK*!”

We weren’t ready!

Okay, that’s better:

It’s dinner time now, and after another short walk, the Moof-Dog and I are going to end our day with a quiet evening of snuggling in front of the TV.

7 responses to “The Countdown Begins

  1. What a delightful mission you are engaged in a cousin benefited from those like yourself, thanks.

  2. Thank YOU, Sheldon. It always helps me to hear from someone with a loved one who has a guide dog. =)

  3. Question:If he doesn’t make a good guide dog wouldn’t you just want him back?

  4. Barry –I’d *LOVE* to have him back, and would take him in a second…but logistically, no can do.See, this whole single-gal-living-in-an-apartment thing…it’s problematic. If he’s no longer a service dog in training, I don’t get free veterinary care and tax-writeoff dog toys. Worse, he can’t come to work with me, which means he sits in my apartment all day, alone.Which would suck for him, and make me feel terrible.But if my friends from church adopt him, then he gets a nice house with a great yard, a dad with a good steady job, a stay-at-home mom (who is secretly rooting for him to drop out of guide dog college, by the way), and a built-in best friend in the form of the adorable three-year-old girl who already sees illustrations of dogs in a story book and asks if they’re Lomax.How can you beat that? This is how: I would also get to take care of him whenever they’re out of town.Seriously, it’s the best deal in town for a career changed dog. If he can’t be a guide dog, this is the life I want for him.Unless, of course, you know a wealthy benefactor who would like to finance my ideal lifestyle of staying home with my dog, baking cookies and writing all day. I’d take that, too.

  5. I’m feeling sad for your separation, but very happy for Lomax entering the next phase of his wonderful doggy life. What else are you up to this week?

  6. If only I knew someone with the cash to fund your ideal lifestyle. I would kick you out of the way to have it for myself.

  7. Awww sounds like a sweet deal for both you and Lomax either way. Hope he makes it as a guide dog, but even if not, he’ll have an excellent life!Hugs and puppy kisses,Nat and Petes

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