Early Lomax

Joanna was kind enough to give me some of Lomax’s baby pictures, and I thought I’d share my favorite “before I knew Lomax” shots. Joanna, if you want to give us some context, feel free to leave explanations in the comments section!

Brothers Liam and Lomax on puppy pickup day:

What I assume to be Lomax’s first encounter with a being of the feline persuasion:

Dog is my co-pilot:

Lomax and the first of many indignities to come (see “Lomaximus“):

And I’m REALLY curious about “Air Lomax” in this one:

6 responses to “Early Lomax

  1. Hehe!! Yay! I think they’re all pretty much self-explanatory. The first one was, of course, puppy pick up (best day ever). Matt and Amy (who have the little black puppy in that picture) raised Voight, brother to Vienna, so we were thrilled to be getting siblings again!!! The second picture is of Lomax with Twix, our baby kitten at the time. Soon after that, they were inseperable, and Twix was introduced to people as “yes, this is Twix, Lomax’s kitten.” The third picture is, well, him sitting in the car the Sunday after we got him. Cute face, eh? 🙂 Jenny, can you see his white little L on his head? it’s really hard to see, but because I know what i’m looking for, I can see it. It’s up higher than I remember, and lighter. And from here it may also look like a V. We also found that appropriate. 🙂 The fourth picture we were just walking around in Target one day, and, well… The head piece was screaming “PUT ME ON, PUT ME ON!” poor Lomax. And the fifth and final picture. He was REALLY rowdy one night and I was very tired. So, we set up that little contraption behind him and played the recall game. He played it for sooo long, launching himself as high as he could off the basket. This was the best in-flight picture we got. I was pretty proud of my little man for getting that high!

  2. Awww! Can you hear my heart melting all the way from Toronto?

  3. Hi LomaxThats some SERIOUS hang time! Definately a photo of the month nomination!Charlie

  4. OMG! what a cute puppy, I love him =) Love the pictures Joanna!

  5. he is so sososos cute!! i didn’t get see my puppy that cute a cudly he was already 20lbs!! (12 weeks)

  6. My favorite is defintely the “Air Lomax” one. Thats some serious hang-time!Sh

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