I Couldn’t Take It Anymore

Yes, I got the post card. But I have really been missing my Little Yellow Man the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to see if I could ply the puppy department for more information, so I broke down and e-mailed Louise.

Louise is not one to gush and offer specifics, typically. She’s too busy, and too smart, for that. Can you imagine thirty puppy raisers getting wind that you have all the inside scoop on their beloved pups-in-training? “How’s my dog? How’s my dog? Is she stressed? Is he eating? What’s he learning this week? What time does she go to sleep at night? Has he had enough play time? Did she get the toy I sent? Does he still pull to the left when he sees a Volkswagen?”

It’s best just to say “how’s he doing?” and be satisfied with the answer you get, no matter how brief. So I asked, and I got.

“He is doing great. Very willing to please and taking to the guide work.”

And that’s all I needed. I can imagine Lomax, looking handsome and working happily in his harness — the special hinged one they had to make to accommodate his wiggling, of course.

3 responses to “I Couldn’t Take It Anymore

  1. :-D!!!! And a happy one year anniversary to you guys, too! I know he’s not here, but still. 🙂 Oh my goodness, this makes me so happy!!!

  2. That’s right, Joanna! I didn’t even look at the date…I thought today was the 23rd. Lame!I’ll have to do my anniversary post!

  3. Awww glad to hear he’s doing well!!Petey sends you some little wiggles! =)

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