Dog Lips!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been puppysitting Ingrid the Labradoodle, littermate of beloved Ike. Her time with me thus far has been mostly confined to the usual: work at the office, obedience and walks in the neighborhood, Sunday mornings in church, outings to restaurants and coffee houses and the like. This has been a terrific opportunity for me to get to know her, because Ingrid isn’t in my usual puppy group (someone from GDA asked me if I could watch her while her puppy raiser, Mary, is out of town for a few weeks tending to some unexpected family business).

She’s quite a good girl! She settled into my apartment and my pseudo-schedule immediately and seemed to make herself right at home. Mary warned me that Ingrid has some dog distraction, though, so I thought a day at the annual Long Beach Walk to Save the Animals would be good practice (I took Lomax last year; it was our first GDA event together, so I was feeling a little nostalgic today). And since the event is in our area group territory, the South Bay Puppy Raisers always attend, so Ingrid got to meet some of her brother’s friends.

This year we even put up the kissing booth! While it was thoughtful of the woman on the microphone to promote our little dollar-a-kiss fundraising booth, and even funny that she said, “who KNOWS what you might get for twenty,” I would have appreciated it more had she made it clear that it would be the PUPPY giving the kisses.

I did get a few looks.

5 responses to “Dog Lips!

  1. Aww, Ingrid!! Mary raised a littermate to my first puppy, Meeka. She is SO sweet! I met Ingrid once this summer (graduation possibly?) and she seemed like such a sweetie! Hope you are enjoying your time with her. AlisaPS Glad to see the kissing booth is getting to sunlight more than just one Saturday in June 🙂

  2. omg she looks sooo different than Ike! (or maybe that’s jsut my eyes… lmao)i’d definitely pay a dollar to get a puppy kiss from Ingrid! =DNat, Petey and Fielder

  3. Aww… she doesn’t really look like a labradoodle though!! She’s still adorable however!!!

  4. She’s cute!! Mabye my AC labradoole will turn out to be that good looking

  5. Oh…..Cuteness alert!

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