More Details, as Promised

What an insane weekend it’s been.

Nothing about Lomax has been conventional or expected, thus far. I received him a few days after his one-year birthday, not as a wee pup. I had been assuming all along that I would get a black Lab, but he was yellow. I thought I’d only be fostering him for about six months, but I had him for ten. I thought it would be easier to start with an “older” puppy. Ha.

Likewise, I always thought that if I received the news of his impending graduation, I would spend the rest of my day making phone calls, telling everyone I knew in just the right order, posting some eloquent announcement on the blog, et cetera. However, I got the phone call about ten minutes before I was due to leave my apartment for a weekend getaway. So I left a voicemail for Joanna, put up a slapdash “guess what” on the blog, shot a quick e-mail to my puppy group leaders, flung everything in the car and spent the next hour or so trying not to cause an accident while calling people from my decrepit cell phone while I was sitting in traffic on the 405 freeway.

Not exactly the big hoorah I had planned, but it was a mad rush.

And you know what else? There were a few people who didn’t think he’d ever be a guide dog. And by that I mean there were a few people who TOLD me so. One person looked at him one day, as Lomax was doing his best to “sit” at the end of the leash (which meant tap dancing and wiggling his butt so hard that he couldn’t actually remain seated), and said to me flat-out, “He’s never gonna make it. He’s NEVER gonna make it.” Who knows how many more people simply never gave voice to their thoughts?

Lomax’s exuberance and wiggly distraction (dogs, people, whatever) was challenging and frustrating and yes, at times, discouraging. But we never gave up. I knew he wanted to work, and I knew there was someone out there who would need him and love him and give him an important job to do.

That someone is Barbara. I won’t tell you her last name or the name of the Arizona town where she lives, just to preserve her privacy. But I will tell you that she leads a busy, active life, and that she has two kids. What could be more perfect for Mr. Wigglepants? I can’t wait to meet her.

And oh, yes…I believe I have also neglected to mention that next Sunday’s graduation is going to be a family affair. Lomax and his beloved brother Liam will BOTH be looking handsome in harness, with their new partners.

5 responses to “More Details, as Promised

  1. Way to go Little Man! Prance around and hold your head high at graduation! Let all those non-believers know your Mom (all 3 of them!!!!!) taught you well! We knew you would graduate AND you did it in ‘fast-track training’ style!!!!!You’ll always have a special place in my heart:)Zara & Suzanne

  2. jenny–i am soooo happy for you!! i was so glad when i found out but went on a roadtrip this weekend so the congratulatory email had to wait 🙂 by the way, it was fun to actually get to meet you the other week and talk to the person that got to finish out lomax. i still think of him as the wiggly little 3 month old puppy that would hang out at my house with wilkie while joanna was at school. can’t wait to see pictures of him all grown up in a harness! i’m back at school so i’m going to have to miss graduation, but know that i will be thinking about you all next sunday and am soooo happy for you!! GO MAXY MAN!!!

  3. YAY LOMAX!!!! YAY LIAM!!!!i know what you mean…i can count many many people that have always told me petey wouldn’t make it…and now I hope he follows in Lomax’s footsteps to PROVE THEM WRONG!!! BOO for stupid people.YAY for Jenny and Lomax!!!

  4. I’ve been praying that Lomax would go to a family with kids. I’m happy to hear that he will!

  5. Suzanne and Zara — thank you for everything. :)Alisa — it was great to meet you too! I wish you could be here, but believe me…there WILL be pictures. Oh, yes. There will be pictures.Nat — yeah! You tell ’em! Thanks for your support!!! And I’m looking forward to hearing all the news on the Petester as it happens. “Mom” — I’ve been praying for his match, too, and I’m also thrilled he’s going to a family. Now let’s pray that they’ll want to keep in touch with me!

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