Raya Sunshine

I was having yellow dog hair withdrawals, so when Dave and Lydia put the call out for someone to watch Raya for the weekend, I jumped at the chance.

Beautiful Raya is a special dog, because she’s a GDA breeder. She’s 3-and-a-half years old, and quite the spunky girl! When my roommate came home from work on Friday night, she was met with the most enthusiastic yellow Lab she’d seen in our apartment since last August. Raya wiggled and ran back and forth and vocalized profusely, in an impressive display of friendliness toward this person she didn’t really know.

And Amy exclaimed it in the perfect phrase: “She has the Spirit of The Moof!”

Indeed, she does. Playful and fun, silly and sweet, the sunny Miss Raya was an absolute joy.

Also, I’ll have you know, just because Raya is a breeder (and therefore no longer required to adhere to the strict guidelines imposed upon guide dog puppies-in-training), that doesn’t mean she has lost her touch. Raya’s obedience is still stellar; she has the most perfect “formal come” I’ve seen, as a matter of fact. Amy and I spent a good amount of time on opposite sides of the living room, calling her to come back and forth and laughing with delight as Raya practically reared up to charge full-speed to the giver of the command and fling her backside around to park in a perfect little sit.

Raya, may all your puppies be as smart and full of life as you are!

3 responses to “Raya Sunshine

  1. Aww, Raya! I always loved her name!!! she’s SO cute!! By the way, on friday I expect a HUGE update complete with all types of pictures… pictures before you get Truman, as you get him, after you get him, etc. ah-hem. I don’t ask for too much, do I? I just have to live through you for now. 🙂

  2. I am HOPING I’ll be able to post on Friday!!!My computer is having some…issues…that might require a trip to the doctor. :(But I’ll do my best to keep you guys posted!

  3. Awww Raya! She’s adroable! And I agree with Jo- lots and lots of pictures of leetle Truman!! :)p.s. i love woody

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