Otherwise Known As

I love my little Truman. He’s a great dog, truly he is. Smart, aware, terrific with kenneling and cradling and all sorts of things, as if he’d been preprogrammed to do them. But there are a couple of areas that have proven…challenging.

And those challenging areas have inspired nicknames.

The Piddler (It’s like he’s a Batman villain!)
Piddler on the Roof
Stinky PiddlePaws
The Trumanator
Devil Dog
Bitey McBiteBite
My Little Snapping Turtle
OW, DAMMIT! &*$%!!!

Amazing photo courtesy of Tina and Ron, who were kind enough to puppysit the little man while I was away at a fancy gala. Thanks, guys!

8 responses to “Otherwise Known As

  1. Ah yes – a puppy after my own heart:-) He’s gonna be a handful this one:-)Luv Chuck

  2. Demon dog!!! But still very cute. 🙂

  3. A picture says a thousand words.. 🙂 He is very cute.

  4. Aww! My little Devil Dog!

  5. hahahha awesome picture! he kinda reminds me of an elephant…maybe it’s the big floppy ears :)p.s. bitey mcbitebite!!! like mcdreamy…mcsteamy..mcyummy…you really have to start watching greys!!p.p.s. LOST TONIGHT!!! woohoo!!! i wonder who dies…anyone but sawyer, kate or jack is fine with me

  6. Please, God, let it be Annoying New Girl.Oh, and that picture IS The Trumanator!!

  7. I’m thinking….. umm… I got nuttin. Lo siento.

  8. Reminds me of Rockwell – a lot!Remember – breathe. And look at that adorable photo you took on St. Patty’s Day.

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