Since You Asked…

Here are a few more photos. This first one shows Truman in his Happy Place by the door, on the blue rug, snoozing contentedly in modified belly-up position. This is a great showcase for his fancy collar, by the way; Denise made matching collars for Truman and Tai. The collars also perfectly match their GDA jackets. And as soon as Denise gets her website up, we’ll be sure to link here so EVERYONE can wear such attractive accessories!

This is the bunny that came home with Truman as part of his “puppy kit.” A stuffed animal meant as a little comfort item to snuggle with on his first night away from his littermates, the bunny quickly became a target for The Teeth That Know No Rest. He once wore a cute little bow around his neck. A mere two weeks later, it may now be said of bunny that he also once wore a cute little nose.

And this seems to be one of Truman’s favorite toys — a tiny, smiling stuffed carrot (perhaps he is taunting the bunny with it?). It’s one of my favorites as well, so I took a picture of it for posterity, before it is inevitably Trumanated. He’s figured out that it squeaks, and loves to carry it around the house. He’s almost too big for it these days….

One response to “Since You Asked…

  1. He’s so cute, I can hardly stand it! You know, that bunny looks awfully like Mimzy from that movie that’s out right now. Is that how they make their guide dogs so smart?? šŸ™‚

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