Big Weekend

May 7 – We had a busy weekend.

Saturday morning puppy class up at GDA was yet another adventure in dog distraction madness. It’s to be expected, of course, since the little man is still a little man, but I can tell Truman shares that exuberance and zest for life (and other dogs, and people, etc.) that Lomax had. I admit that when he’s being a spaz in public, I feel a little spazzy myself, because I know how it must look: can’t control my own dog! I’ll tell you what, though — after raising two high-energy Labs, I do *not* judge other puppy raisers who look like they’re not in control, either. Instead, I silently empathize and say a quick prayer for them.

Afterward, we burned some energy by romping with Paige and Tai. And subsequently drank lots of water with Paige and Tai:

Sunday was graduation (congratulations to Janna and Kamra!), and knowing the campus would be full of dogs and people, we came a bit late and sat behind the seating area in a shady spot, where I could keep both hands on the little dingo without disturbing people who were trying to see and hear the ceremony. He did surprisingly well; I think the key to controlling much of his distraction is proximity (or rather, the lack thereof).

Another milestone: Truman is now sixteen weeks old, and having endured the requisite rabies shot, is fully “street legal.” We have yet to take advantage of his newfound ability to go into a pet store, but it is a relief to not have to worry about where I can safely relieve him in public. We’re all smiling about that one.

2 responses to “Big Weekend

  1. I love how he is smiling in the third picture. I’m glad he did so well. Congratulations.

  2. That black-lipped smile is just phenomenal!!!Smooches to Truman, Ko and Ky.

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