Like a Crossover Episode

Truman and I braved monstrous and mostly unnecessary traffic (is there any other kind, here in Los Angeles?) to visit our friends today — Deborah and her lovely little girls. Deborah has a glorious back yard full of delicious plants, and two beautiful toddlers who were remarkably restrained in the presence of Flippy McBoingBoing. After some “Labrador Shuffle” time around the tree, a hearty chase involving his squeaky toy mouse, and a thorough taste test of every single leaf on the ground, Truman enjoyed some on-leash time in the house with me, watching the girls intently as they giggled and played and eventually burst into tears over the enforced sharing of storybooks (as toddlers are wont to do).

It was good practice for Truman, and also apparently for three-year-old Maggie, who is not usually a fan of the canine set. We must visit again soon…especially if Deborah once again insists on feeding us pizza and freshly baked cookies. Next time perhaps Truman will be self-controlled enough to sit still and unrestrained for a picture with the girls.

Thanks for the fun afternoon, ladies! We love you mucho!

2 responses to “Like a Crossover Episode

  1. Flippy McBoingBoing! Loves it 🙂 He looks like such a happy puppy all the time

  2. Oh yes, Nat…and he’s happiest when he’s eeeeevil….

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