Why So Many Pictures of Him Sleeping?

Deceptively innocent looking, no? Don’t let him fool you. Though I admit we seem to have turned a corner in the last couple of weeks in terms of his behavior, Truman (along with his “I’m the Dude” attitude, and his remaining sharp puppy teeth) continues to be a daily challenge. One of those challenges is trying to get a photo of him in a conscious state without my having to hold him still and be in the picture while someone else works the camera.

Meanwhile, the list of “why do they give me the crazy ones” dog nicknames continues to grow….

The Yellow Dervish
Greased Lightning
The Kraken

3 responses to “Why So Many Pictures of Him Sleeping?

  1. have you considered T (ruman)- REX?

  2. I tewtally get it Dewd (reading too much CuteOverload). Congrats for sticking with it so far and my hopes that things continue to improve, even if slowly, go with you.

  3. Oh, I remember those days! He is a handsome pup though. At least while he is dozing we can really admire him!

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