Hey, That’s COLD!

We had our first visit with Dr. Steve on Monday — the “new puppy” appointment. Of course the doc was impressed with good lookin’ Mr. Truman. Clean ears, healthy coat, strong frame, wagging tail, fresh stool sample…what’s not to love?

Fortunately, the waiting room at the beautiful new facility wasn’t crowded, but that didn’t stop the boy from wanting to make friends with the aged Golden Retriever and the arm-candy Maltese and the cat-in-the-box. We sat on the other side of the room, as you can see in the photo.

I didn’t dare attempt a Kodak moment in the exam room. Truman wasn’t particularly thrilled with having to stand on the table, even though there was a nice towel there for his comfort, so I ended up keeping him in a lock the whole time.

The dog does not make sense. He was absolutely perfect for the vet tech who took his temperature (in a very sensitive area, I might add), but when the doc wanted to look at his teeth, he wouldn’t hold still for anything. If it had been me, that whole thing would have been the opposite.

My favorite part of the visit:

ME: “Truman loves fabric. He’s destroyed four pairs of jeans, a sweatshirt, a shirt, and countless pajama bottoms.”

DOC: “Yeah, you really have to watch what you leave lying around with these little guys. Be careful — we just had to do surgery on a dog who ate some socks off the floor.”

ME: “Oh, no. He doesn’t get run of the house, and the clothes weren’t on the floor. I was wearing them at the time. It usually happens while we’re on a walk.”

DOC (eyebrows raised incredulously, laughing): “You’re gonna have your hands full with this one!”

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