He Who Must Soon Be Neutered

Before I got Truman, my roommate bought a little Harry Potter “sorting hat” key chain, and it was our plan to put it on Truman’s cute little head, take a photo, and announce to the world which house he’d been placed in.

From day one, Truman has been virtually impossible to catch in a nice sitting or lying down pose. The hat idea, which would probably have worked on a calmer pup, soon fell by the wayside. Even the photos from puppy pickup day show the other dogs happily in the arms of their raisers and obediently piddling on the grass before the trip home…but not Truman. I have some lovely pics of him obsessing on eating the grass, lunging for the other puppies, and (this one’s my favorite) stretching from the safety of my arms to bite the neck of a nearby littermate.

So the roommate immediately suspected, even without the aid of the sorting hat, that Truman belonged in the house of Slytherin. His great love for the squeaky plush snake toy was another clue.

But the decision was solidified yesterday, after another random attack during a trip outside to relieve. When Truman’s deadly puppy canines left this bloody, jagged mark on the top of my left foot, I knew what I was dealing with:

He’s not just from Slytherin. My dog is freaking VOLDEMORT.

9 responses to “He Who Must Soon Be Neutered

  1. I love Harry Potter, and I must agree. Truman belongs in Slytherin. But isn’t he a little too cute to be an ugly bald guy who’s half dead?

  2. haha…poor Trumanator!My 5th puppy broke my foot in a few different places…so I can totally sympathize with you! πŸ™‚

  3. Jenny I feel for you. That is what Oceana used to do when she was teething. I have scars from her.

  4. Oh dear. Don’t despair (athough you wouldn’t if you remember Marilla’s definition of Despair from Anne of Green Gables). Remember this pic of me, trapped in the road with a dog who wouldn’t come home? To think he might even be passing school as I write!

  5. Thanks for your support, guys. I really do love him, in case anyone’s wondering. πŸ™‚ He’s just kind of…a special challenge.And Julia, I had completely forgotten about that photo. Thank you for the laugh! And, of course, the empathy.

  6. My puppy raisers said I had a complete personality change after I got neutered. So maybe Truman will have a life changing experience also. πŸ™‚

  7. Ouch!!! That had to hurt. Bet you’re eagerly awaiting the adult teeth, eh?Lisa and Jive (who didn’t follow in the footsteps of her foster sister Fang, er Fortune)

  8. Maybe you need to hire yourself a snake-charmer to go on walks with you :-)The FleasGang

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