Happy Half-Birthday

Truman is six months old today! He’ll be having the time of his life all day, in a thousand-Labrador-romp at my puppy group leaders’ house, while I’m in San Diego enjoying some Pre-Raphaelites and Dead Sea Scrolls. Here’s a photo I took yesterday to tide you over until my next “have to catch up on my blogging” update:

5 responses to “Happy Half-Birthday

  1. I love that face!

  2. Long-time reader, first time comment-er. Truman is too cute! He’s getting so big! I remember when my lab, Cooper, was that age. Snuggle him while he’s still “lap-sized”!

  3. Welcome, Lauren, and thanks for the comment!Julia, I agree with your comment on the other post, he has always made me think of Rockwell, especially when we are out on walks….

  4. awwwe! What a great picture! I can’t believe he’s already 6 months old!

  5. Very cute photo! Happy six months!

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