Feeling Neuterrific!

“Keep puppy quiet for a few days so as not to disturb the incision site.”

No play dates, no running up and down stairs. All the weapons in my “Make Him Tired” arsenal. Sure thing.

Meanwhile, Truman is asking, “Surgery? What surgery?” while he bounces around my apartment like Tigger with an extra tail. We’ve got a long week ahead of us.

5 responses to “Feeling Neuterrific!

  1. Good to hear the little guy is feeling well!! My apologies to you, however, needing to keep him cooped up. 🙂

  2. How awful, having a rambunctious pup that you have to keep still. Luckily, Jaylie was very affected by the drugs, and basically just layed around. So sorry!!

  3. Oh I can relate. It’s harder with dogs than cats. I’ve put off taking our pup for spaying, but since she just turned 7 months, she needs to go soon. I’m dreading it though.

  4. haha Good luck with that…I seem to remember Petey taking the stairs three at a time after coming home from the neutering, not fun!!

  5. I think recovery depends on the dog and who the operation. Rockwell didn’t even need the cone (he totally ignored his stitches) and he was good to go when he got home.

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