TrumanVision: Truman’s Post-Bath Shuffle

I am thrilled that there’s finally an easy way to upload video directly to Blogger….

Though I tend to take more still photos of Truman than actual video (you would think the opposite would be less of a challenge), I occasionally like to record a moment for posterity. This is a brief clip of the madness that occurred after Truman’s first bath. I had promised him that I would feed him dinner afterward if he was a good boy.

Yes, I fed him anyway. But that’s not the point of this story.

For your inaugural TrumanVision experience, please enjoy a little of his post-bath “Labrador Shuffle.” Pure energy burn or an attempt to air dry himself? You decide:

9 responses to “TrumanVision: Truman’s Post-Bath Shuffle

  1. He is adorable! I have a puppy – a Golden Retriever named Teddy who just turned a year old, is huge, and has a ton of energy! I just gave him a bath a few minutes ago!

  2. Oh my gosh, that video reminds me of rufus, Theo, and Grant, actually most of the Labs I know, LOL. Rufus got all excited when he heard you ask Truman if he wanted dinner, grin.

  3. SOO cute!!! Is that Jars of Clay I hear in the background??? At least the first song? Gooooood stuff. 🙂

  4. Pure Labrador, I can tell. I love that butt-tuck-and-run mode.

  5. oh my gosh! That’s what my dogs do after I give them a bath. They feel the need to run around in laps and act crazy. Not only does Cobra do it, but my Aussie and collie/shepherd mix too.He was so cute though!

  6. I just love my after bath shuffle time….

  7. Yes, Truman loves his shuffle time as well…the one on the video was a pretty tame version. You should have seen him after the thunderstorm we had last week — I couldn’t walk him like I usually do, because it was raining, so his energy just stored up and he eventually exploded in my apartment.Which is why my downstairs neighbors hate us.Oh well. Whaddayagonna do?

  8. Joanna, I think you must be right, that the first song is Jars of Clay. My guess for the second song is either Evanescense or BarlowGirl. I had to rewatch the video and listen hard, but those are my guesses.

  9. Right you are, ladies, about Jars of Clay — but the second song is by Nichole Nordeman. I was listening to the “Amazing Grace” soundtrack. 🙂

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