The Rodeo 24/7

June 24 — It’s good to have friends. My puppy group area leaders are wonderful people who always seem to have a house full of Labs, whether the dogs belong to them or not. I guess that’s what happens, though, when you live near several members of your puppy group. And when you are qualified to administer puppy shots.

Pictured below, L to R: Truman, Paige, Mika, Dusty (in the background), and Tai (in the lower right corner), otherwise known as the usual suspects. Not pictured: Jetta, Tallee, and Luke, otherwise known as usually on a couch somewhere napping.

3 responses to “The Rodeo 24/7

  1. Was Truman the only yellow Lab in attendance at this puppy shot party? Cute picture!

  2. this is our new desktop background.

  3. kimberly & rufus: nope, Tallee (the unpictured but quite lovely queen of the Lab clan over at Brian & Nancy’s) is also yellow. 🙂

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