Calendar Boys?

July 15 — The South Bay Puppy Raisers publish an annual wall calendar full of lovely photos of our puppies in training, breeders, and working guides. In 2007, Lomax’s winning smile propelled him to fame as “Mr. March,” a distinction of which we were both quite proud (and which no doubt helped boost calendar sales and the resulting proceeds to GDA).

Because I always seem to have the privilege of raising lively, handsome, personality-plus yellow Labs, I wanted to make sure I got some quality photos for this year’s calendar submission. Matt graciously offered his photography skills and superior camera for the cause, so we took the “brudders” Tai and Truman to the park for a photo shoot.

3 responses to “Calendar Boys?

  1. SO cute!!! If they make it (which they will, or I’ll sue) I definitely have to get myself one of those calendars!!!! 🙂

  2. So when will you know if any of the pictures made it into the next calendar? Love the one of Truman by himself.

  3. I probably won’t know for a few weeks what the final calendar layout will be…the committee is being top secret as always about the photo choosing! And rightfully so — though I think they’re missing out on some good bribes.I’ll let everyone know if Truman is featured, and I’ll be sure to let interested parties know where they can get one!

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