Brudder Time

August 24 — Because Truman requires so much exercise in order to be able to focus and behave, I try to get him as much dances-with-dogs time as I can. Brother Tai, who is also a bit more high-energy since Paige went in for formal training, is our favorite playmate. The lads are evenly matched and romp well together. Two furry peas in a pod:

2 responses to “Brudder Time

  1. It’s Truman’s hind legs!! I can’t stop laughing.

  2. Julia, he sits like that all the time! That angle, though, makes it all the crazier. :)I didn’t think much of it until another puppy raiser said she was concerned it might be a hip problem…but the school thinks I should just keep an eye on him for now. There are other dogs with “silly sit” tendencies, so unless he limps or something, I’m not going to worry too much.

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