This One’s For "LW"

Someone has a little crush on Truman!

8 responses to “This One’s For "LW"

  1. “You are SO good looking!”(And that bow tie is the best accessory!)

  2. The November 16th release of People magazine’s much anticipated sexiest man alive issue is right around the corner. Is this a sneak preview? Wags and licks, LW

  3. Jenny,We have been listening to the reports regarding the fires in CA. It seems to be one of things Jersey and CA have in common. We have lived through several large fires here. We hope you, Truman and the others are safe. Trish

  4. Trish — and anyone else who may be wondering — we’re fine. Truman and I live in an area that hasn’t really been too affected by the fires (other than traffic-wise, and some smoke in the air). Thank you for thinking of us!

  5. LW is a beauty (I love black animals), and I can see why she can’t resist Truman. He’s so good looking in that tie.

  6. BTW glad you guys are safe.

  7. Oh, my gosh! From the News reports, it appears the fires are going from bad to worst. We thinking of you girls and pups, stay safe and keep us updated. We will continue checking the blogs. Trish

  8. Yes, things are pretty heinous around here, all across SoCal. Truman and I are still fine, though — we’re not in a part of town that’s likely to catch fire. The smoke is pretty nasty and the light of day looks sort of…orange? brown? browner than usual? But we can’t even see flames or anything where we are, surrounded by city.Thanks again for your concern! If anything goes awry, we’ll keep you posted!

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