Truman Makes a Shameless Plug for Devil Dogs

This post will remain at the top of my blogs until November 11, 2007. Skip on down to the new stuff if you’ve already seen this…but please read on if you’re new here.

Truman and I are big fans of the U.S. military; you might remember our care package posts, and you might also know that I am a Soldiers’ Angels volunteer. Both my dad and my grandpa served during wartime, so this is a cause that’s dear to me.

Many of our young men are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with devastating hand and arm injuries that result in isolation and frustration in addition to the physical pain of the injury itself. Think about it: is your computer your lifeline? Your source of news and entertainment? Your outlet for self-expression? Your means of earning a paycheck? If your hands were burned, bandaged, missing — such that you could not even scratch an itch or hold a toothbrush, much less send an e-mail from your hospital bed to a faraway loved one — what impact would this have upon your life?

Project Valour-IT exists for this reason. The project that serves our wounded troops by providing them with voice-activated laptops is having its annual fundraising competition, complete with a little good natured inter-branch rivalry.

I made a generic pitch/bleg last year, but this year I’m aligning with Team USMC, in honor of my adopted Marine (and because Truman also fancies himself a devil dog of sorts).

Will you take a moment to make even a small tax-deductible donation (via PayPal or credit card)? Every dollar counts, and every cent goes to the purchase and shipment of the laptops. This is a perfect opportunity to show your gratitude for the sacrifices made by our military (especially if you live in an area not directly connected to the military community), or to teach your children the value of giving, or to be a vital part of someone’s healing process.

Help Team USMC reach our $60,000-by-Veteran’s-Day goal! Please give by clicking on the thermometer graph in my sidebar.

Thank you. And now, back to our regularly scheduled puppy posts.

5 responses to “Truman Makes a Shameless Plug for Devil Dogs

  1. Done. Thanks for alerting everyone to this important cause.

  2. Thanks, Deborah! 🙂

  3. Each and everyday I thank God, my son, has arrived home safely from his tour of duty in Iraq. He has mentioned on more than one occasion how thrilled he and his fellow “Devil Dogs” were to receive goodies from home. It was a wonderful and often needed reminder the folks back home were thinking of them. Jenny, you truly are a Soldier’s Angel. ~ Trish

  4. Thanks, Trish…I’m just doing what I can. 🙂

  5. Great cause. We’ve been sending our own care packages via the Unknown Soldier program. The letters we’ve received from the soldiers are worth their weight in gold. BTW we call our puppy, “Elke” a devil dog because she gets into everything!

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