The Definition of Trust

Leaving the burrito unattended on the seat of the vehicle while you walk around to get into the driver’s side.

Truman and I have achieved trust.

12 responses to “The Definition of Trust

  1. Truman, can you please come to Canada and give Baloo some lessons?Sam, Wylie, and the visiting Baloo

  2. Let’s hope that was one of the famous Chipotle burritos from past posts!!!

  3. But of course! It is ALWAYS a Chipotle burrito! And guacamole…mmmmmmmm….

  4. Whoa, good job Truman! That’s a big test for any dog.

  5. Oh no… I may have to stop for chips and guacamole on the way home. Well, not quite on the way. Out of the way on the way home…

  6. 🙂 I like your defintion there. Hey, I found this and I had to share it with ya:

  7. Wow, Yay Truman! Cobra actually had something like that happen not to long ago but it was french fries and I said leave it and he didn’t even look at them. I was indeed proud. I know how you feel. 🙂

  8. Wow, that is awesome. My girlies would be on that burrito in a heartbeat.

  9. You are a good trainer. My dogs behave when I’m watching them. As soon as I’m out of the picture, it’s like “Lord Of The Flies”.

  10. Hi Truman! Just wondering if you’re still alive!?!

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