Party Time at GDA

Today was the annual GDA holiday potluck up at the school.

It rarely occurs to us puppy raisers because this is our everyday existence, but when you stop to think about it, it’s pretty remarkable how well behaved these dogs can be. Dozens of them, all in one place — and puppies, at that — in close proximity to each other in the presence of food, people of all ages, and unusual sights and sounds. You might expect an explosion of barking, at the very least. But somehow, it never goes that crazy.

Not to say that it can’t go a LITTLE crazy, especially when littermates are involved.

After Truman, Tai and Tori posed nicely for several photos in the little sleigh (did someone say “cookie,” Truman?), the three of them — as if on cue — took a simultaneous flying leap over the decoration on the side, like furry little superheroes. I wish someone had captured it on camera…would have made great video.

Anyway, after that, I think they were a little concerned that Santa thought they were naughty.

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