Truman at the Grove

As a fellow “employee” of the nonprofit where I work, Truman got to attend our annual holiday party — a lunch at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Because he was so good, tucked into a corner under the table where I was sitting, many people didn’t even know he was there. But he wasn’t left out of the merry-making! After our “white elephant” gift exchange, the VP of my department stood up and announced that Truman should receive a gift as well. She handed me a cute little bag, in which was a bone-shaped ceramic bowl for his Christmas treats.

After lunch, I took Truman for a little walk through The Grove shopping center, greeting the enthusiastic children of harried holiday shoppers, and stopping for photos in front of Santa’s house. When we’d had enough of the crowds, Truman and I headed toward the parking structure to take one last picture before the trafficky drive home.

One response to “Truman at the Grove

  1. What a handsome big boy you’re growing into Truman!

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