Truman of the North

I realize I’ve been remiss (again…) in posting lately. It occurred to me today that I owe you some photos of our trip to Mammoth.

December 26, 2007 — Truman was an excellent traveler. His first road trip, stuffed on the floor of the back seat with me and three people’s luggage for several hours of traffic and bad weather, on our way up the mountain…not too shabby. He mostly just slept, with little complaint, and would occasionally raise his little yellow head to get sympathy and an ear rub from Matt & Amy in the front.

This was also Truman’s first snow experience! While Tai was uncertain at first about this cold, wet stuff that made you work to move around, Truman leapt into a bank with nary a second thought. From there, it was a comic delight — he would shove his snout into the snow to investigate, often resurfacing with a mouth full of pine needles and a springing leap into a land-dolphin maneuver over to Tai, who would meet him in the air Milli Vanilli-style to set off yet another round of brother wrestling.

I’m pretty sure he loved every minute of it.

3 responses to “Truman of the North

  1. What great pictures!! Milli Vanilli, really? That’s hilarious! What a funny guy! In the last picture it looks like he is really, REALLY happy and completely enjoying himself!

  2. Beauty! Everyone knows Labradors are water dogs but we Canadians know they are real snow dogs too! Lovely that he travels well too.

  3. Wow, Truman is such a handsome boy! Glad he had such a great time in the snow.

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