More Brother Time

February 16, 2008 — There is something in this litter…a freaky telepathic connection, at the very least between Truman and his brother Tai.

I know this, because every time Truman is driving me nuts with a multiple-day burst of uncontrollable energy that seems to refuse to be worked or played out of him by any normal means, I get a phone call from Matt and Amy:

“Is your dog on crack right now? Because our dog is on crack right now. Brother shuffle time is available in our yard, effective immediately.”

So off we go to visit. Truman, predictably, knows which exit I have taken off the freeway and springs up to look out the window. How. Does. He. Always. KNOW?!?

The running commences. The wrestling, the chasing, the springing, the teeth-rattling. We are in the Doofus Zone for the next few hours until they’re both manageable once again. Boys will be boys.

8 responses to “More Brother Time

  1. Hahah — oh, I so so sympathize. Although I don’t know if Lester has any brotherly telepathic connection, he definitely has some kind of ESP. He’s nudged me awake when I’ve forgotten to get off at the usual bus stop! He definitely can’t see out the windows (too high), can’t smell or hear anything (the bus blocks it all out), but yet he still knows.Sigh. Here’s to dogs and their ways of “just knowing.”

  2. Awww, that’s so cute. We have no contact with Elke’s siblings. After Dax passed on 2/14/08, we let Elke outside & she immediately started looking for her. For days, she searched for her friend. It’s much less now.

  3. Lol, What a funny Truman! It is kind of amazing how our dogs “just know” isnt it? Glad to hear though that Truman is so close to his brother!

  4. All seeing, all knowing..thats what makes our best friends so near and dear.

  5. How cute. Glad they are doing well and hope they had fun playing!!

  6. It must be so nice to have them so close to each other. It always helps burn that energy off when there is someone who matches them. Great pic!

  7. I think animals do have telepathic connection. When my husband’s cat died and was buried in his back yard (we weren’t married at the time) my dog slept on the grave for a week straight whenever I’d visit. It was like he knew and wasn’t ready to let go. I admire what you are doing with the puppies for the blind.

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