Why We Love a Nice Long Kennel Stay

March 1, 2008 — The good folks at GDA encourage us to kennel our dogs at the school as often as we can, so they get used to being in that environment and will be less likely to stress out when they go to live there for six months or so of formal training.

It’s never been tough for me to take rambunctious Truman up to the school for several days. I know he’s in good hands, and the people there know him, and it gives me a nice break every once in a while. However, as Truman gets older — and therefore closer to the day I will take him up there and not get to pick him up a week later — it’s been harder to make myself schedule those visits.

But as a dog owner, you just can’t beat this deal: free room and board for your dog for as long as you like, and at the end of his stay you get to take home a worn-out, freshly bathed canine who’s had a vet exam and a good time with his friends.

Truman came home this time and put himself to bed almost immediately, cuddling up with his blankets and his Nylabone. They’re awfully cute when they’re sleeping, aren’t they?

3 responses to “Why We Love a Nice Long Kennel Stay

  1. That’s exactly what I use to say about my youngest son…”he’s so cute when he’s sleeping”. (LOL) Truman is adorable.

  2. Guess they call it Camp GDA for a reason? *grin*

  3. If they weren’t so gosh darn cute they’d never make it to recall ;)looks like he is having a happy dream with that smile.

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