By a Waterfall, I’m Calling "Rooooooo"….

March 21, 2008 — Truman and I accompanied the manager of The Fabulous Esquires Big Band (our favorite to dance to!) on a field trip to check out the venue for one of their upcoming gigs. While everyone involved was talking business, Truman and I found a nice spot for a photo. He only tried to jump in once…but unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that.

While we waited for the meeting to end, we also ended up playing the role of educator, which typically happens when a puppy raiser stands still for too long in a public place. Dan was a very nice man — here from New York on business, and apparently quite the dog lover — but he asked more questions than a curious kindergartener.

I’m considering drafting an FAQ sheet to hand out in cases like this….

6 responses to “By a Waterfall, I’m Calling "Rooooooo"….

  1. AN FAQ sheet! I LOVE IT! that would actually be a good idea! HA HA!

  2. An FAQ sheet is actually a good idea! haha.

  3. draft away, sounds funny but actually a good idea….

  4. That’s a fantastic picture!!! Yay for people asking lots of questions!! 😛

  5. You say “rooooooooo,” I say “ha rooooo!”Good luck with the training!

  6. Educating people is very important, they tend to be slower learners than dogs!

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