Reason #517 Not to Be Sniffy

It’s foxtail season.

Apparently, someone — who shall remain nameless — stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, when no one was looking, and is now at the vet, having surgery.

He’ll be fine, but it’s derailed our plans for his big weekend visit with his sister Tori. Hopefully this will teach him not to go snorting up the vegetation.

Never seen a foxtail? This handy foxtail info page will show you what you should be looking out for, especially if you live here in Southern California….

6 responses to “Reason #517 Not to Be Sniffy

  1. Oh no!!! Hope the surgery goes well!!! Foxtails are a PAIN!!!! Fala has had many a “mini-surgery” having to get those removed from her ears, etc. I haaate them. I spend the better part of an hour every night pulling them from her tail, back, bum, etc. Poor doggies.

  2. I hope his surgery goes well! I had to stop at the Vet today, and 3 dogs were there to have foxtails removed. One from the paw, the nose, and the ear. Foxtail season is here…

  3. Oh NO!!! Silly Truman! I’m so glad we don’t have foxtails here!!

  4. Ouch, poor Truman- hope the surgery goes well!

  5. Ahh not a foxtail! Hope he recovers quickly from surgery, and is careful about that little nose of his!

  6. Poor guy. Let us know how he’s recovering.

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