Guess Who’s Four?

Today is Lomax’s birthday…unbelievably, The Moof is FOUR YEARS OLD!!! Somewhere in Tennessee, there is a smiling blond dog in a black harness, guiding a smiling blond woman.

Happy fourth, little man. 🙂

10 responses to “Guess Who’s Four?

  1. Happy birthday Lomax!!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Maxy!!!!!!

  3. Hey, check my blog to see the award I nominated you for! I love reading about Truman (when you post… 😉

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday Lomax!!

  5. Check out my blog for your award! 🙂 Kisses to le Trumanator!!

  6. Happy Birthday Lomax – we miss you, but are so glad that you have changed someone’s life :)loveopy

  7. Just came by to see how you both were doing & happily stumbled upon a birthday…Happy birthday!

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