On Very Important Dates

I’m one week away from my six-month wedding anniversary. Among the many things I am foolish enough to have believed I would be able to do by now:

1.) Get the thank you notes out. Emily Post says I have a year to do this, and now I understand why. Still…I’d like to get them written and mailed before I have to start thinking about sending out Christmas cards.

2.) Be entirely unpacked. Grandma used to say that after a move, you should unpack the kitchen and bedroom/bathroom stuff immediately. Whatever’s left packed in boxes six months later should be left in the sealed boxes and given away, because clearly, you didn’t miss it. Alas, I do not subscribe to this philosophy. I do indeed miss my Jedi action figures and my craft supplies and my Post-It flags and the box of 3×5 cards on which I have written many of my favorite recipes. But life gets in the way of efficiency sometimes. For the record, I am also hoping to have the bulk of this done before…mmmmmmChristmas…?

(Please let me dream, people.)

3.) Get back to regular blogging. Holy cow, I have been busier than the proverbial one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest (another gem from Grandma). Truman has been here through all of it, and I’ve missed many an opportunity to regale you with his nutty adventures. I know I’ve promised updates and not delivered — including wedding photos (another thing I can’t seem to get done by the six-month marker, unbelievably)!

This is just a note to say that YellowDog and I are still alive and kicking, and continuing to settle into this new life with the Wonderful Man Who Loves Us Both More Than We Could Ever Have Hoped. If there are any of you still hanging in there, clinging to the idea that I might someday return…many thanks! We’ll be back, I promise. And next spring or summer, the puppy raising madness will begin all over again.

And on a happy note, today is Lomax’s fifth birthday. And in honor of The Moof, who is living the guide dog life somewhere in Tennessee, I smile and give thanks for the many blessings God provides in the lives of everyone involved with Guide Dogs of America and other service dog organizations all over the world.

7 responses to “On Very Important Dates

  1. Happy birthday to Lomax! And welcome back Jenny and Truman … we have missed your writing, and hope to hear from you more!Sam and Beauty

  2. You're alive!! YAY!! Happy birthday Lomax! I second Sam's comment, can't wait to hear more!

  3. I DO check this regularly to see what adventures you are up to! So glad to see a blog from Jenny!

  4. I don't believe I have met you before, but hi! I'm talor, and I am currently raising 2 puppies for GDB. Nice to meet you!Your life has certainly been crazy for the last six months. Congratulations! And happy birthday Lomax. I am looking forward to reading more of our adventures!

  5. Glad to hear from you Jenny! We've all missed you around here. Happy Birthday to Lomax! It sounds like life has been keeping you very busy lately. Glad to hear you and Truman are still alive, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. Give Truman an extra hug from me, Willow and Stella. Who knows, maybe you'll be picking up your next pup while I'm at GDA getting my next guide. 🙂

  6. Yay, Jenny & Truman live, they live! LOL. Sounds like you've been super busy, but you also sound very very happy.

  7. So happy your cookies turned out!! They are precious!

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