Like a Canine Charlie Sheen

Bronx has returned! We’ve been hosting the now ten-month-old Dog Wonder since Wednesday night. As of this writing — Monday, lunch time — he’s finally motionless during daylight hours. He and Truman have been playing pretty hard. Fortunately, Roo went to work with my husband today so I could actually get things done around here instead of spending my day breaking up the crazy.

Bronx had “The Big Snip” about a week ago. The good news is, it’s much easier to control a male dog if they’re neutered early on like this, because the procedure can prevent the formation of difficult-to-break behaviors like territory marking, etc. The bad news is, I’m pretty sure they gave Bronx a Red Bull transfusion at the same time. My husband suspects the vet may have mistakenly added a second pair instead of removing the first.

It has been HumpFest 2010 around here. (I’m sure that’ll bring some interesting Web traffic.)

Fortunately, Truman got tired of the abuse yesterday and decided to stop the dominance displays himself instead of waiting for his exhausted humans to pull the little black dog off his back. Way to take the initiative, boy!

In other respects, it’s been pretty entertaining to watch them play and wrestle. Bronx is trying a new “snowplow” technique, where he shoves his nose or entire head under the standing Truman in an attempt to — flip him, maybe? Who knows? When that proves impossible, he bites Truman’s leg. There’s been a fair amount of snorting and teeth-rattling too, and a noise that sounds remarkably like a hiss. Maybe he’s part snake. He’s quick enough.

He hasn’t moved since I started writing this. I think I’ll go check his pulse.

6 responses to “Like a Canine Charlie Sheen

  1. Sounds like things at your place have been entertaining, though exhausting.

  2. I've forgotten what is the best age to get a male dog neutered. We're now the owners of a second Pug, Henry, and he is just 8 weeks old. He's getting along great with Winston, our five yo black pug. I think we had him neutered when he was around a year old – not sure.

  3. Kim…yes. I'm still recovering. :)Steve, I'm not sure if there's an optimal age. It's been my experience at the guide dog school that they'll sometimes neuter our males (the ones that aren't being considered for the breeding program) as early as six months or so. But for all I know, there could be breed-specific guidelines or other factors your vet might take into consideration. Congratulations on your new puppy!

  4. When to snip is certainly more art than science. Our new dobie pup is 4 months old and she is quite the pest to our 3 year old German shepherd. Both females. By the same token, when our current shepherd was the puppy to our old German shepherd, she was quite the pest towards her. I think it is the way of the dog. Something that we mere humans just observe but can't quite understand. We do the best we can with each wacky dog.

  5. I prefer to spay and neuter dogs around 6 months of age. Although I have performed surgery on pups as young as 7 weeks, I worry about the anesthesia on immature pets, especially if they weight less than 5 pounds.

  6. Thanks for your insight, Kristen!

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