T-Litter Turn-in

Another post in my continuing “Days of Yore” series, catching up on long-overdue photos of Truman’s final days as a puppy-in-training….

August 9, 2008 — T-Litter Turn-in

Two years later — and having received him back for good only three weeks into formal training — I feel like I can’t really do justice now to a post about Truman’s turn-in. What can I say? Turn-in is the day you shoot for as a puppy raiser, because it marks the end of all you can do to get your dog to the goal of becoming a guide. It’s up to the dog from there. Turn-in can also be pretty heinous, emotionally speaking.

In short: Truman’s Amy and I, and Wolf, made the long journey to GDA together. My boy wore a bow tie, as was to be expected from my ever-classy canines. The lunch was delicious, yet torturous, as always. The photo time was bittersweet, because Truman and Tai were the only representatives present from their litter. The roommate roll call was a relief, because the brothers were together. The walking away with an empty leash was…not applicable to me this time.

But I’ll tell you more about that next time.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos:

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