Jethro: Otherwise Known As…

October 1, 2010 — Jethro: Otherwise Known As…

Yes, yes, I know. They’re not supposed to have nicknames. They’re supposed to learn their REAL name.

Jethro does know his real name — his recall, in fact, is so much better than Truman’s ever was or will be…. Jethro is not just smart, he’s willing, one might even say enthusiastic. He’s also known as the following, around the house:

  • Mini-Wagger (I sometimes call Truman “Wagger,” and promised him he was getting his very own Mini-Wagger)
  • Mini-Man
  • Mini-Me (because…obvious)
  • Drunken Sailor (have you seen a tired 7-week-old puppy walk?)
  • Grumpling (Truman is “The Grumpus,” so….)
  • Stinkerpie
  • Lord Piddleton
  • Feisty Wee Beastie
  • Feisty McBiteyPants
  • Beeper (he makes this silly little sound like half dove, half…something beeping)
  • Justin Beeper (again…obvious)
  • Eucalyptus Breath (there’s a giant Eucalyptus tree right by the balcony where Jethro piddles…the tree sheds teeny tree-pieces and leaves and itty bitty pod-things….)

Most of these names are used to refer to him, not to speak directly to him by way of command or identification. But sometimes I will speak casually to him as if he understands English. For example, as I am digging tiny tree parts out of his mouth and saying, “Jethro, GIVE,” I often follow up — after “Good give, Jethro!” and other hearty praise, of course — with, “Nice going, Eucalyptus Breath. Now back in the house.”

Still, I promise you, when you call “Jethro-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!” …he comes a-runnin’.

One response to “Jethro: Otherwise Known As…

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    It is impossible not to give dogs nicknames. They just do things that invite silly names. Abby had several even before we left training together. 😉

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