Jethro’s First Outing

Yes, there’s some nasty parvo out there, and yes, puppy raisers are being instructed to be near-paranoid in the effort to keep our charges away from it. But at the same time, you also have to start exposing your dog to public places so they become accustomed to The Big Scary World a little bit at a time. There’s a fine line. The best thing you can do is take the puppy on a quick, one-stop errand close to home that won’t require a canine potty stop.

We decided it was only fitting that Jethro’s first foray into public life should be someplace we’re familiar with to an almost obsessive degree.

My nine-week-old puppy went to Chipotle.

We relieved the little man before we put him in the car, then drove about ten minutes down the road, got him to “suit up” in his tiny puppy-in-training jacket (for the first time!), and carried him into the restaurant. Wolf stood in line to order our burrito bowls (steak, please) while Jethro and I made a beeline to a quiet table near the door. He sat nicely between my feet, and I spent the next few minutes petting him and talking to him gently until Wolf came back with our cornucopia of faux-Mexican take-out delights.

Back in the car, back to the house, back to the potty spot on the balcony, and mission accomplished. Good job, little man! Someday you’ll graduate to standing in the order line with me, and then pretending not to care that there’s a burrito and chips in the bag on the car seat right by your head.

3 responses to “Jethro’s First Outing

  1. Jethro, first outings are so exciting! Glad that yours was “oops” free.

  2. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    Nice job, Jenny! You made that a great experience for him. Parvo sucks.

  3. Yes, parvo is just plain evil! And there is apparently a TON of it out there right now, or a particularly virulent strain or something. They’ve definitely put the big fear into us…but heck, if it protects the puppies, why not?

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